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  • Digisemestr #6 (2019-03-30) – Marketing Tools

    What is Digisemestr and why do I keep posting about it? What’s the big deal?! See my introductory post. If you find any typos or errors, please contact me, thanks! Lecture number 6 was focused on various tools for email marketing, SEO, PPC, product price comparison sites, keyword analysis, domain analysis, link building & broken […]

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  • Digisemestr #2 (2019-03-02) – SEO & Link Building

    Digisemestr is prestigious semester study of digital marketing. What are we learning about? SEO, Link building, PPC, RTB, Retargeting, Social media, Marketing tools, Analytics, Branding, Copywriting, Content marketing, NPS, Loyalty programs, Marketing strategy, CRO, A/B testing, UX, Emailing, Growth hacking and more. These are my notes from the 2nd Saturday (There will be 13 in […]

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