Decentralization and privacy journey report (February 2021)

Hi and welcome to my #dweb journey!

My adventure for decentralization and privacy is ongoing.

A Birthday Quest – Breaking Moulds

I’m trying to reduce my dependency on Google: I switched from Chrome to Firefox, removed YouTube history, changed primary search engine to Duckduckgo and started using ProtonMail.

Check out article about How to Live Without Google.

Furthermore, I’m experimenting with Fedora as an OS for my PC. What’s important is that CSGO works just fine. Priorities!

On January 28 we had Data Privacy Day. I shared lists of privacy-oriented services with my network. Check them out too, I know you’ll find something you fancy (if not: money-back 100% guarantee!):

This month, I saw an influx of contacts on Signal and Telegram. I’m glad to see people switching to privacy-focused services. Sadly, my favorite Matrix hasn’t seen as much adoption as Signal. Matrix is amazing because it’s an open standard and there are many clients you can choose from (my favorite are Element and FluffyChat). Element is a glossy web client with an emphasis on performance and usability.

FluffuChat is a cute cross-platform matrix client. It is available for Andorid, iOS, Web and Desktop. Even Mozilla replaced ancient IRC with Matrix.


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