Decentralization and privacy journey report (March 2021)

Not a lot happening on the dweb front, just a bit of de-googling and settling in privacy-focused alternatives.

I use Signal as my primary chat app now. I don’t check Facebook messenger that often. It’s a liberating feeling. I also started calling people to hear them. You can feel emotions from their voice. Text message doesn’t have that kind of fidelity. And I’m lazy to type. I started combining calls and going for a walk. I love the feeling of others suspecting I’m talking to myself before they spot the headphones and realize their error. Heh.

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Not me.

I ditched Google Authenticator. I don’t know why it’s so popular. It sucks. Instead I use andOTP. It password protects your 2FA codes, it has encrypted backup feature to export codes and there is a search (a necessity when you got over 15 2FA codes like me)!

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I’m a happy ProtonMail user but I still use Google Calendar. Need to do something about that too…


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