I want a puppy – antidote

Do you want a puppy? Here is an antidote.


A dog needs to eat and drink water. You need to supply it every single day. There are many brands of a dog food to choose from. You will have to choose something, order it/carry it, pay for it and serve it to your dog. Canned dog food is pretty heavy.

The dog will process the food and turn it into waste. Then you need to take the dog for a walk and find a place do dump the waste. Basically, you’re stuffing the dog on one end and then taking the dog for a walk to remove the stuff on the other end.

You will do this for a lifetime of the dog. Average dog with live up to 15 years. That means picking up dogsh*t for 15 years about 3 times a day.

15*365*3 = 16425

That’s a lot of dog waste.

You will have to bend or kneel, take a bag, pick it up and carry to nearest trash bin. It will be nice and warm. And smelly. Occasionally you will meet people you know while holding the bag with the treasure. Awkward!

You have to walk the dog 3 times a day in every weather. Do you have enough time? Who will take care of the dog when you’re sick? Do you want to burden your relatives?


When you come back home you will need to clean the dog’s paws. Depending on the weather you might need to wash the whole dog. The dog’s bed also needs regular washing. And there is the fur. Dogs shed their fur. A lot. Cleaning, washing and washing, and vacuum cleaner goes shvoooooooooo.


Owning a dog means dealing with bureaucracy such as dog passport, registration and fees, and with regular health care such as vaccination, removing ticks and other parasites.

How difficult is it to plan a vacation without a dog? It ain’t easy. It gets more complicated with dog around. Some places won’t accept dogs. Do you want rob yourself off a wonderful vacation destinations just because you are a dog owner? Alternative is to pay for a dog hotel. Money doesn’t grow on trees.


The dog will cost roughly $400 to $2000 every year. How many hours do you need to work to earn that?


Small puppy needs training and patience. Old dog needs veterinary care and medication. Watching old dog wither and die is depressing. There is nothing you can do to stop it. Do want to willingly put yourself in this position?

Both puppy and old dog sh*it on your floor.

There will be midnight emergencies. How much do you treasure a good night sleep?

Dogs scrape the walls, damage furniture and other things.


Being a dog owner is a responsibility. Dogs are wonderful creatures but need attention, care and money. Please think it through before falling in love.

Consider adopting from a pet shelter if you really really really need to buy a dog, thank you.


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