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  • GA Workbench (Java)

    GA Workbench (Java)

    Simple engine made for course Game Architecture. Uses component system, several programming patterns were implemented (eg. Service Locator), handles springs, basic collision detection. Written in Java and libGDX. More info in README in source repository. Date: 2015 Team: Roman Lukš Source: https://bitbucket.org/rluks/ga_workbench/src

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  • 62-E (Tunnels of 62-E) (Unity)

    62-E (Tunnels of 62-E) (Unity)

    Explore the tunnels of planet Kepler 62-E! Game made for subject PV255 FIMU Date: 2014-2015 Team: Lukáš Závitkovský Roman Lukš Jeroným Pelikovský Libor Zapletal

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  • DrumPlayer (Game for Kinect)

    DrumPlayer (Game for Kinect)

    Create virtual drums, play some beats, become a rockstar! Virtual drums game – made during Kinect Marathon 2012 Date: 2012 Team: Vendula Poncová Roman Lukš Pavel Kefurt Marek Salát

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  • IJA Dama (Draughts in Java)

    IJA Dama (Draughts in Java)

    Project in IJA FIT VUTBR Features:network multiplayerhuman vs humanhuman vs computercomputer vs computerreplay functionhighlighting possible movesexport/import of games Date: 2013 Team:Pavel HálaRoman Lukš Source:https://bitbucket.org/rluks/ija-dama

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  • transformerz elementz (MelonJS)

    transformerz elementz (MelonJS)

    Use your knowledge of elements to solve this puzzle game Game made during summer course Why play good games? Create one! Date: 2013 Team: Roman Lukš (team leader, programming) Ivan Ripoll Herrerias (design) Piet Bronders (programming) Monika Cichocka (graphics) Julian Maciejewski (sounds)

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