transformerz elementz (MelonJS)

Use your knowledge of elements to solve this puzzle game Game made during summer course Why play good games? Create one! Date: 2013 Team: Roman Lukš (team leader, programming) Ivan Ripoll Herrerias (design) Piet Bronders (programming) Monika Cichocka (graphics) Julian Maciejewski (sounds)

PA199 3D Breakout (C++/OpenGL)

A circular version of the classic breakout in 3D! A prototype made for subject PA199 FIMU Date: 2015 Team:Roman Lukš Source:

BP Slepec (2D game in C++/OpenGL)

Bachelor’s thesis: Visualization of tactile and aural sensations (2D game in C++/OpenGL) Navigate blind hero towards purple waves! Game made as my Bachelor’s thesis FIT VUTBR Date: 2014 Team: Roman Lukš Source:

Elektroda (Unity)

Stay lit – avoid obstacles – collect bonuses in this simple yet addictive retro platformer game! Controls: left and right Ctrl Team: GVID10 Roman Lukš Jozef Senko Lukáš Brabec Jan Sedlák Jan Hellar This is original version made on a game jam. Updated version of ElektroDa is available on Google Play.

The CRATE (Unity)

Crates are alive! What do we do now?! * Are you tired of playing as a sterotypical hero?! Play as a crate! * Hit humans and discover their content – nails and plank, duh! * But hurry up! Your time is running out! * Discover Brno! Game made during Global Game Jam 2015 Date: 2015 Team: Roman Lukš (programming) Dominika […]