How to Spot a Scammy Streamer and Penumbra Postmortem (TWIL)
Each of the major video game platforms has different video specifications for trailers; if your trailer doesn’t comply, you can waste valuable time re-submitting. #marketing
“ETFs show strength when sums are invested in larger amounts because the flat transaction fee becomes an increasingly small percentage of the amount invested.” #fin
Interactive online documentation for developers. #dev
TierZoo channel on Youtube. Life on earth as a video game – patches, balancing, skill trees, abilities, UI IRL and all that. #fun

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Eliminating boredom during the matchmaking process. #gamedev
Generate story plots like “A vampire makes it big by playing basketball”. #writing
Structured analysis of the narrative elements of games. #gamedev
Nice elementary video how to draw a stylized owl. #creative

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Game Names Analysis and How to Write Product Descriptions
PUBG viva la transparency – website for public roadmap and bug fixing progress.
Red Dead Redemption 2 lookin’ good.
Fine-grain difficulty setting in the new Tomb Raider game (individual combat, exploration and puzzle difficulties).
Fresh asphalt is sometimes sprinkled with white tiny stones called chip seal for a couple of reasons (one being to provide a highly skid-resistant surface).
Indie Game Marketing Notes by u/chicken_ramen_games

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