Why are Rabbits Weird & The Google Cemetery (TWIL) How to inform players about a new feature. #gamedev One of my friends has created a Steam page for his upcoming game. Check it out, it’s pretty good Portal-like puzzle game. #fun Comment on Unforeseen Consequences, A Half-Life Documentary by Danny O’Dwyer (NoClip). #gamedev TWIL stands for This Week I Learned. Basically, sharing bunch of interesting links […]

Clever Exploit in Spelunk and Pokemon or Big Data? (TWIL) Half-Life 2 postmortem – design process, workflows. #PM System Usability Scale, an alternative to NPS. #UX Law describing how two rival armies get smaller as they sustain casualties. #know

How Riot Deals with Cheaters in LoL and Create Your Own Font (TWIL) Lena Söderberg transmitted over MP3. #audio A series on modeling in game design. #gamedev Why players murder Sims? #gamedev