I’m a Junior UX Designer going on an adventure to…

🤝 join a friendly UX team (ideally in Brno/full-remote)

🧠 learn from experienced designers

🏢 work in an organization with an established UX team & process

Roborock Drink Delivery

Prototyped app for April Fools’ video 🤩

Design (sketching, wireframing, app prototype)
Research (interview)
Video & audio editing
Project management

Adobe XD, Sony Vegas, Audacity


Front-end design for 2 services

😊 Brought consistency to two lil’ services

Design (sketching, mockup)
Development (HTML/CSS)

Figma, Visual Studio Code, git


Embed Twine UX improvement

Clarified user steps in a plugin 😋

Design (sketching, mockup)
Research (user feedback)
Development (PHP, HTML/CSS)

Adobe XD, Visual Studio Code, Docker


Brno iD account redesign

🤓 Used best practices to create accessible online form

Design (sketching, mockup)



“User experience, my precious… We wants it, we needs it.”