Hello there,

I am your devoted UXer, trained in the arts of Agile/Scrum, Product & Project Management, Marketing, and Software Development.

With these powers at my side, I invite you to join me on a courageous quest. Together, we’ll confront the shadowy realm of dark patterns and banish clunky interfaces to the abyss.

May the Force of UX be with us as we navigate the path to a brighter digital galaxy!


Roborock Drink Delivery

Using app prototype as part of April Fools’ video 🤩

Front-end design for 2 services

😊 Bringing consistency and visual appeal to two lil’ services

Embed Twine UX improvement

Clarifying steps for a user in the WordPress plugin I made earlier 😋

Redesign of Brno iD account page

🤓 Using best practices to create effective online forms

The UX will be with you. Always.