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Game Publishers Directory

Are you looking for a video game publisher? I’ve put together the “Game Publishers Directory” a list of video game publishers. It’s not just a list of links to game publisher websites. I’ve included emails and what kind of games

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Release Your Game On Friday

Wait? What?! You might say: “I read this blog all the time and I’m quite confident you said earlier we SHOULDN’T release game on Friday?” Yeah, yeah I know. You mean this article: Do not launch your game on Friday

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List of Youtube Channels Related to the Game Development

* [game array] * AesirAesthetics * Ahoy * AI and Games * Brackeys * Cagey Videos * CasualConnect * CEGC * ClassicGameJunkie

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Several Lists of Youtubers and Livestreamers

I have collected several different lists of Youtubers and Livestreamers.

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Steam 101 – Getting Started with Marketing Features and Tools

This is a really good talk about putting your game on Steam. What I like about it is making you think about marketing of your game instead of telling you what to do.

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