Why You Should Download Stuff and How


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On Thursday January 19, 2012, Megaupload and its sister sites were closed due to allegations that its founder and its other executives were in violation of “piracy” laws.


Content gets removed all the time.

Keep it safe by downloading. Access it offline.

Here is how

Save articles with Evernote (Evernote web clipper chrome extension firefox addon).

Print webpages with PDFCreator. Or Print Friendly & PDF.

Download from Youtube with KeepVid (or many other applications, addons and plugins).

Download from SlideShare (some slides have download button) and the rest grab with Slideshare to PDF (github).

Download from SlidesLive with Ant Video Downloader.

Also backup your own data!

Buy an external USB hard drive and copy your most valuable data there (eg. personal photos, documents and projects).


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