Which games are the winners of the GDS?

There were a bunch of games competing at the GDS (gamedev conference in Prague), including our game WesTurn.

Here is the list:

Grip Digital – Mothergunship
eof studios – Spacetris
Black Eagle Games – Valeon VR

Oxymoron games s.r.o. – Project Hospital
Lonely Vertex – Mathrix, Sinus
Digital Melody – ARcade Plane

Fuero Games – Bushy Tail
Wastelands Interactive – Cooking Simulator
Star Drifters – Driftland The Magic Revival

11 bit studios – Frostpunk
Pigmentum Game Studio – Indygo
MGP Studios – Sand is the Soul

Inputwish – Go Rally
Triple Hill Interactive – Underflow
Beresnev Games – Flippy Knife

weckr industries – Violet Cycle
notAlab, s44 – nota, Spring: 1944

Contra Concept – Ricky Runner
Misterine s.r.o. – Theatre VR


And here are the winners:

1. Misterine s.r.o. – Theatre VR
2. Star Drifters – Driftland The Magic Revival
3. Lonely Vertex – Sinus


Theatre VR is a very original concept. You choose a character to play and then try to act like that character.

Driftland is a strategy game with floating islands, which you connect together.

Sinus is a mobile game where you guide a signal through the universe.

Unfortunately I have not tried any of the winners.
However, I have tried other games at GDS:

Violet Cycle is isometric 3D top-down arcade combat focused on close combat and dynamic environment interaction.

Mothership action FPS which a lot of shooting and weapon upgrades. It feels like shoot’em up FPS.

Pixel Soldier is a 8-bit fast-paced arcade game.


LostHero is an dakrsouls-like RPG with an interesting world.

Go Rally is a fun driving game with a very cool track editor.

You can read all about GDS right here. Here is an official website.

And what about You?
Do you like any of these games?

Tell me in the comments 🙂


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