Virus Sušenka (Dejmi | Susenka.862)

Susenka is a computer virus. Its name comes from a Czech word sušenka (=cookie). The virus is also known as Susenka.862 or Dejmi. It targets computers with MS-DOS. The author is probably Czech.

It is a dangerous memory resident parasitic virus. It hooks INT 21h and writes itself to the end of .COM files that are executed. Since September, 1993 it also hooks INT 9 (keyboard) and INT 1Ch (timer) and sometimes displays the message: “Dej mi susenku” and then waits for the answer “susenka”. On Saturday, 14th it erases the hard drive sectors.

Here is a remake for Windows: Susenka.rar [IPFS]

You can check the exe file with VirusTotal. Looks like it was flagged by some antivirus scanners as malicious. To be safe, run it in a virtual machine.

While we talk about cookies… Have you played Cookie Clicker?


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