Release Your Game On Friday

Wait? What?!

You might say: “I read this blog all the time and I’m quite confident you said earlier we SHOULDN’T release game on Friday?”

Yeah, yeah I know. You mean this article:

All the things mentioned in the article are still valid.

But it seems that busy weekend might be actually worth it.


Monies. Gold. Loot.

You see, the culprit is the Steam and it’s working hours. Valve doesn’t work over the weekend. Meaning when you release your game on Friday, it’s gonna stay in New Releases until Monday.

And more eyes are gonna see it. And more people are going to visit your game page. So more people are probably going to buy your game. Meaning more cash for you. Basic sales funnel.

Sales funnel – Chris Zukowski

In theory.

If everyone would follow this advice we would all release on Friday and nobody wins.

So I googled around… And after getting my fair share of aww

I stumbled upon thread on TIGForums. It offers a couple of different points of view:

we counted the releases and found that Wednesday is the least crowded.

User DanglinBob says:

There’s BASICALLY two camps of philosophy here.

1) If you are sure you’ll be in the Popular New Releases (IE: You have done the marketing work and are expecting solid sales numbers) releasing on Friday makes the most sense as you’ll be in the Popular New Releases all weekend.

2) If you are unsure the argument tends to fall on all kinds of weekdays. I’m yet to see any real solid data that confirms one day over another, but here’s the arguments for the various weekdays:

Monday – Wed = Low competition means higher chances of being seen. Monday, tends to be the least popular to launch on because people coming back to work dont have as much time to browse Steam and journalists coming back from a weekend are playing catch-up. Tues and Wed tend to get the popular vote for this approach.

Thursday – Almost every week the games that are popular new releases on Thursday are STILL on the most popular list on Saturday, meaning why fight the huge launch group that happens every Friday when you can get nearly as good visibility and launch on Thursday. (Similar argument is sometimes made about Wed).


So I released Trap Them on Friday evening after most of the other games were released on that day. It has to be the best option since Valve doesn’t work on weekend so the game remains visible on top under “new releases” during the whole weekend

Another article [] suggests Friday based on high sales:

the best day to launch would probably be Friday or Saturday. We’ve noticed that sales are consistently considerably highest during these 2 days.

So.. release your game on Friday, I guess?!

What do you think? What’s the best day for releasing your game?

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