Open multiple links in Google Sheets

Sometimes you need to open several links in Google Sheets. But opening them separately one by one is a chore / bore. 

Open them all with two clicks!

  1. Select cells containing links.
  2. Open them simultaneously by right clicking and selecting Open links option.

Pretty easy, right?


7 responses to “Open multiple links in Google Sheets”

  1. justatip

    This doesn’t work anymore.

  2. Rob

    Thanks! There’s a shortcut for it…

    1. Highlight the links you want to open.
    2. Press Alt+Enter

    Just make sure you don’t open too many links that your computer won’t be able to handle!

  3. P Mosin

    Love this trick! Worked really well for me to enable download multiple CSV files that had consistently formatted URLs.

    FYI, as of this writing the right-click menu item now reads “Open links” instead of “Open all links”. On the Mac the keyboard shortcut is Option + Enter.

  4. Max

    This is great, thank you!!

  5. I’ve tested this on 2020-02-07 in Firefox 85, it DOES work. Only thing that’s changed is the label, it’s now called “Open links”.

  6. JR

    THANK. YOU. I can’t believe I haven’t seen that before lol

  7. SageSage7

    this is good.
    i more hope though, the ability of opening them as incognito modes.

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