Open Multiple Links in Google Sheets

Sometimes you need to open several links in Google Sheets. But opening them separately one by one is a chore / bore. 

Open them all with two clicks!

  1. Select cells containing links.
  2. Open them simultaneously by right clicking and selecting Open links option.

Pretty easy, right?




7 responses to “Open Multiple Links in Google Sheets”

  1. Thanks! There’s a shortcut for it…

    1. Highlight the links you want to open.
    2. Press Alt+Enter

    Just make sure you don’t open too many links that your computer won’t be able to handle!

  2. Love this trick! Worked really well for me to enable download multiple CSV files that had consistently formatted URLs.

    FYI, as of this writing the right-click menu item now reads “Open links” instead of “Open all links”. On the Mac the keyboard shortcut is Option + Enter.

  3. I’ve tested this on 2020-02-07 in Firefox 85, it DOES work. Only thing that’s changed is the label, it’s now called “Open links”.

  4. this is good.
    i more hope though, the ability of opening them as incognito modes.

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