List of 50+ websites with assets for game developers

Checkout other gamedev/dev resources (tutorials, tips, etc) here.

Here is the list:

Portals with various assets






2d for inspiration

3d <- 3D model search engine

Assets from cancelled game Glitch

Got some more? Share with the rest of us in the comments! Thanks 🙂


Is gamedev your favorite thing?
(right after wearing comfortable socks)

Check out Gamedev 101 section with a bunch of sweet resources for video game development.

Gamedev 101

What is the fuss about?

I put together a bunch of resources for gamedevs:

  • How can I start with gamedev? Which programming language I should learn? Which game engine is the best?
  • Lists of Youtubers and Livestreamers
  • List of Youtube Channels Related to the Game Development
  • Few design patterns you should know about
  • List of gamedev documentaries
  • Gamedev google sheets with links (articles, videos)
  • Gamedev learning resources
  • Game design resources
  • Game Publishers Directory
  • List of 50+ websites with assets for game developers (this page)
  • and more!

Visit Gamedev 101 now.

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One comment on “List of 50+ websites with assets for game developers
  1. Richard says:

    I would add to find freelancers to build whatever you can’t find on this list 🙂

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