libGDX create and use tileset with Texture Packer

GDX Texture Packer

Make sure you have Java installed.

Open CMD where you have downloaded the gdx-texturepacker.jar.

Launch it.

Program is opened.


Prepare your images. Eg. Create a folder containing few images. Mine are three 64×64 png with alpha (32bit).


In program create “New pack”, name it, eg. “mycogs”.

Browse “Input directory”, eg. “C:\Users\Roman\Pictures\cogs”. Same for “Output directory”.

Press “Pack’em all”. Console shows up showing progress. And Done!


2 files are generated in output directory: “mycogs.png” the tileset/atlas with all images and “mycogs.pack” the text file with description which image is where, etc.


Now, lets use them in our libGDX project. Move those two files to your project folder.


TextureAtlas ta = new TextureAtlas("mycogs.pack");
AtlasRegion cogTex = ta.findRegion("cog_red");
AtlasRegion cogNTex = ta.findRegion("cog_white");
AtlasRegion cogSTex = ta.findRegion("cog_grey");

libGDX docs about TextureAtlas, AtlasRegion.

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