How Uber Drivers Make Extra Money

I’m subscribed to AngelList Weekly and their last email was really interesting, so I thought I would share.

In a nutshell, with the whole shared economics and companies like Uber and Lyft on the rise, new companies emerge with supporting products and services build on top of the existing ones.

Here are a few examples (taken directly from the AngelList email):

One of the drivers has turned his car into jewelry showroom.

“It’s a salesman’s dream,” he continues. “I have 10 minutes to make an impression. Would that happen if I went door-to-door? Or if I bought tiny online ads? My way, I get quality time with quality leads. Best of all, I’m being paid as I do it. It’s like Uber is providing a base salary before I make any jewelry sales.”

Cargo lets drivers sell snacks, gum, chargers, and headphones directly in their car from a display case that sits on the center armrest. Most drivers make an extra $100/mo.

Vugo places small televisions on the back of headrests. Riders watch ads, and drivers get paid.

Wrapify pays drivers to wrap their cars with advertisements. For every mile driven, drivers get paid a flat fee.

And how would you make extra money as a drive? I would put in a massaging chair and passengers could pay extra for having their backs rubbed.

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