How Riot Deals with Cheaters in LoL and Create Your Own Font (TWIL)
Lena Söderberg transmitted over MP3. #audio
A series on modeling in game design. #gamedev
Why players murder Sims? #gamedev
How Riot handles cheaters in League of Legends. #gamedev
Blazor is an experimental .NET web framework using C# and HTML that runs in the browser. #dev
Don’t eat slugs. #health
WYSIWYG editor for creating your own font. #tech
Remember anything forever-ish – an interactive comics. #edu
SOLID (SOcial LInked Data), Tim Berners-Lee’s new, re-decentralized Web. #tech
How to deal with the cone of uncertainty. #pm
Create your vocal avatar, it will speak with your own voice. It works pretty well! #tech
3D models of a few viruses. #know
ECB penguin – encrypted image is still visible ‘cause block cipher. #security
Steam now officially supports GIFs in store pages. #gamedev
A couple of tips on how to write bullet points. #writing


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