Games with balls

Daniel Maslovsky (head of marketing) from Craneballs had a “ballsy” talk on the GameAccess conference.

Craneballs made mobile games such as Overkill or Splash Cars. Now they are working on their first PC game – Planet Nomads (interview).
Be sure to checkout Winners of the Game Access – Planet Nomads are one of them.

Here are takeaways from the talk How games with balls are made…

Great leadership, clear vision what to do next. When they do not know what to do next – pretend at least to give team confidence.

Lead by example.

People are engaged when they ask, comment. This is what you want. Even when they critize you – use as a feedback to make your game better.
Another reason is that 500 comments on Kickstarter means you got something there and GOG might come in and offer you to submit your game there.

People do not remember your gamedev studio’s history. Remind them – awards you won, what games you made. What is your history?
Build up on past successes.

Keep going.
Things might get tough. There will be obstacles. Be prepared and keep going.

In your team have people who love what they are doing, and are willing to put in extra work.
People with quality standards. So when team member asks “Is this final?“/(cz)”To je finál?” you know you must improve it.

Thats all folks!

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