Fun games & The Useless Web

Cleaning up bookmarks yields its fruits. Here you go…

Circle The Cat Game
Lovely simple game where you need to trap the cat ^_^

Thoughts & Prayers: The Game
Think and pray to stop shootings.

Windows Update Prank
Prank your mum.

Experiments in Handwriting with Neural Network
AI tries to predict what you’re going to write

Impact Earth!
Calculates the environmental effects a given distance from an impact on Earth.

Pixels Fighting
How many spins will you last?

Pointer Pointer
It picks the right photo based on the location of your cursor.

Create mandalas!

Fluid Paint
Tool that simulates fresh paint and a brush.

Image-to-Image Demo
Doodle a cat (house, shoe or a handbag) and AI will try to make it photo realistic.

Need a flag with your own image?

One second code: How fast is your computer?
Guess how long it takes to execute Python code.

Silk – Interactive Generative Art
Create beautiful art

Hacker Typer
Pretend to write computer code.

Find the Invisible Cow
Use the sound cues to find the cow. Fun game.

Chicken on a Raft
A song.

The Useless Web
A gateway to many silly websites.


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