Design Crimes, Dev Crimes and Vacuum Cleaners are Becoming Level Designers (TWIL)
Do not exercise, but keep moving. #fitness
About reversible computing – “A conventional computer is, essentially, an expensive electric heater that happens to perform a small amount of computation as a side effect.” #tech
The State of UX in 2019. #UX
Design crimes of 2018, eg. Amazon’s Alexa creepily laughing at random. #UX
Works from 1923 are becoming public domain. #law
Game about how self-driving should cars react in ethically difficult situations? #mind
Devs are sharing their game dev crimes. #gamedev
Wanna save your progress? Prepare to drink from a toilet. #fun
Impressive. #fun
Steam “Best of 2018” Lists #fun
Writing Prompt: An immortal is put on a generation ship as it’s caretaker and guardian. #creative
A call for video game neorealism. #gamedev
Why don’t we have Fog of War in Third Person Shooters? #gamedev
Creating DOOM levels with a vacuum cleaner. #gamedev
Neural Networks used to generate HQ textures for old games. #ML
Bayer Matrix for Dithering. #gamedev

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