Clever Exploit in Spelunk and Pokemon or Big Data? (TWIL)
Half-Life 2 postmortem – design process, workflows. #PM
System Usability Scale, an alternative to NPS. #UX
Law describing how two rival armies get smaller as they sustain casualties. #know
Faking different form eg. analog music player on a computer screen. #design
Solarpunk genre – think cyberpunk but sustainable communities. #fun
Controversial Wookieepedia page. #starwars
Spelunky item stacking exploit. #gamedev
List of product conferences. #PM
Great video about bugs, game design, optimizations, difficulty and more. #gamedev
What does cheese consumption have to do with deaths from entanglement in bedsheets? Find out here. #fun
How machine learning / AI exploits loopholes to “cheat” in video games. #ML
Interesting investment called Opportunity funds for low growth regions. #finance
Postponing entrance into kindergarten. #edu
Math is fun. Now established by legislative fiat. #math
Study of the psychological and physiological effects of killing. #know
Is it Pokemon or Big Data? #fun
Easy to understand visualization for Markov Chains. #know
Real-time license and vulnerability management for open source dependencies. #dev
Are band-aids racist because of the skin tone? #mind []
They forgot to put appropriate elevators into the skyscraper. #design
Closed gamedev studios. #industry
“SpatialOS for Unity is a full-stack multiplayer solution that provides networking, hosting and multiplayer features to help you quickly create your Unity online multiplayer game.” #gamedev
A primer on how to light levels. #leveldesign