Are you Level Designer Looking for a Job? & Cover Systems in Games (TWIL)
Calculating number of copies sold to break even. #gamedev
Is it wise to invest in the stock market when the market at an all-time high? #investing
How to write email subjects and article titles to get more clicks? #marketing
History of financial independence and early retirement movement. #finance
Video game localization process and tools. #gamedev
How to proceed when customer does not pay their monthly payment. #biz
Bundles, funding and Kickstarter. #funding
Unity terrain tools update! #gamedev
Great article about cover system in games. #leveldesign
New font to help students remember. #design
Underwater maintenance-free data centers are here. #tech
Blockchain and P2P storage. #tech
Evernote now offers templates (eg. Brainstorming Session – designed to help you capture ideas and inspiration as you kick off the party planning). #office
Collaborative brainstorming activities. #agile
Strategies to increase retention and reduce churn. #marketing
Banksy painting automatically shredded itself. #art
Design tokens – easily update visual style with design tokens (basically, it’s easy-to-use variables made by designers for devs). #dev
Listening to Mozart helps to resolve cognitive dissonance. #mind
Warren Buffet made more in 12 months at age 60 than he did in the previous 59 years. #finance
Email marketing 101 by Chris Zukowski. #marketing
China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies. #security
There is a paper on Matrix –  Neo’s Kantian Choice: “The Matrix Reloaded” and the Limits of the Posthuman by Dana Dragunoiu. #fun
Determining QTE timing. #gamedev
Open mailto links in gmail. #tech
Stack Overflow is 10! #dev
InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) – content-addressed P2P network. #tech
Pegasus software for Android masks its communication with C&C as Google authentication SMS codes. #security
Press F4 to cycles through all 4 types of cell references: absolute ($A$1), mixed reference ($A1, A$1) and relative (A1). Works in Excel and Google Sheets alike. #office

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