2018 Posts Review

Let’s see what was I blogging about in 2018.


At the beginning of 2018 I’ve started sharing TWIL – This Week I Learned posts and continued posting them the entire year.

Every week I read a bunch of articles, watch videos, chat with people, discover new websites, tools, games, books and then some. This amounts to a lot of new information to absorb. So I figured why not write it down and make a summary every now and then to keep track of it all? That’s TWIL in a nutshell.

There is a lot of them, so just a few examples:

Zombie-powered Real Estate and Chaos Engineering Bootcamp

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Video Game?

Which Project Management Tool is the Best for Gamedev and Game Mechanics Explained (TWIL)

Game Names Analysis and How to Write Product Descriptions

How to Pitch Your Game and Thief Light Gem Mechanics

For more TWIL posts click the tag TWIL.


No noteworthy posts apart from TWIL posts this month.


In February 2018 I was at the White Nights conference in Prague showcasing WesTurn with Tomas:

White Nights 2018 in Prague


I was very active in March.

Finished reading Spark, an amazing book about exercise and how it affects our brains.

Wanna have a scientific reason to exercise? Read the book.

Book #4: Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

Learned a neat trick in Google Sheets:

Open Multiple Links in Google Sheets

Listed bunch of interesting Chocolatey software tools:

Random chocolatey software

As well as gamedev courses:

Gamedev courses

I have also “attended” online live-streaming gamedev conference Professional Indie Game Development (PID for short):



In April I’ve moved my website from one hosting provider to another and I’m glad it went smoother than I expected:


Released old draft post about games I’ve played on Game Access conference:

Few Games I Have Tried on Game Access

Looked back on how much traffic increased after publishing an article on Gamasutra:

Gamasutra Postmortem Aftermath

Discovered a new band:

Music #5: Skillet – Feel Invincible

And something for aspiring developers:

3 Websites Where You Can Practice Coding


In May I went to GameDay in Trebon with Tomas:

Anifilm GameDay

I’ve published a bunch of gamedev links:

A Bunch of GameDev Links (resources, theory, tips, libraries)

And posted a short article about the formula for counting rows in Google Sheets:

How Do I Count Visible Rows When Using Filters in Google Sheets?

And find out small little language thing:

Shark Šakal Jackal


In June my wallet got destroyed by Death Steam Star, apparently:

oh noes.

Made a little joke with C# syntax (and was sort of sad inside for wishing more people would use this “library” themselves):

Čmáranice #9: using brain;

In my hometown we had a gamedev conference so I wrote about it:

Game Access 2018

And provided my readers with this list:

List of Youtube Channels Related to the Game Development


In July, I was ASMR junkie once more:

Samoyed Dog Enjoying Watermelon ASMR

Attended two gamedev events, first was online, second in Vienna:

The Business of Indie Games Summit

Making Friends at Reversed in Vienna

Setup AMP on the site to speed up browsing for mobile phones and shared a tiny howto:

How to Setup AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in WordPress

Was delighted to share this insight about Uber drivers:

How Uber Drivers Make Extra Money

And wrote this life-changing post about searching on the internet:

How to Search Your Favorite Websites and Google Drive Directly from Address Bar in Both Firefox and Chrome


In August I told you to release your games on Friday:

Release Your Game On Friday

Doodled something:

Čmáranice #10: Ctrl+F IRL

And after being unable to find existing tutorials online about Google Analytics and Itch.io wrote my own:

How to Setup Google Analytics with itch.io


In September I’ve created Game Publishers Directory:

Are you looking for a video game publisher? I’ve put together the “Game Publishers Directory” a list of video game publishers. It’s not just a list of links to game publisher websites. I’ve included emails and what kind of games they are usually publishing. It’s a work in progress, I might add more details at some point, so come back occasionally to see what’s new.

Update 2021 08: Link removed, I removed Game Publishers Directory a while ago because I was no longer maintaining it.


This month I’ve finished reading Never Eat Alone. I highly recommend this book:

Book #5: Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time

And wrote about how we all should save internet with Wayback Machine:

Saving Internet for the Future Generations One Page at a Time


Apart from TWIL posts, there was just one post this month. I had trouble with sound in Max Payne and found a simple fix:

How to Play Max Payne on Windows 10


In December I finished and wrote about my analysis for game producer job requirements:

Analysis: What are the Job Requirements for a Game Producer?

And shared videos for ASMR junkies:

ASMR Commercials That Make You Feel Good

And lastly, this post (yo dawg):

2018 Posts Review

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