IFJ IAL Project 2011

This was the most complex project of FIT VUTBR studies. The goal was to implement interpret of IFJ11 (language similar to Lua). We formed a team of 5 and each of us worked on a different part. We used programming language C. In the end, the project reached 5499 lines of code.

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$$$ Games Analysis

I made this project for the Data Visualization presentation in the Media Studies course in Hagenberg.

Date: 2016
Technology: Excel, Paint.NET
Team: Just me

The core idea behind it was calculating how much player pays for an hour of gameplay.

The infographics:

Below is the complete presentation:

Firesphere Project

Project for Shader Programming class in Hagenberg.

We wanted to create a spherical object with a distorted surface. Distortion was to be created using perlin noise and depending on height we would apply colors from the texture. By making the noise time-dependent, the surface would be constantly changing. By varying parameters and using different textures, different effects could be achieved.

Our main idea was to get an effect of a magma-surfaced planet. As a background we used space texture implemented as a skybox.

Additionally, we added shortcuts for the user to be able to manipulate the simulation.

Date: 2016
Technology: C++, OpenGL, GLSL

Roman Luks
Łukasz Strzelecki