Digisemestr #1 (2019-02-23) – Introduction

What is Digisemestr? And why am I writing about it? I’ve been feeling school sick lately. It’s just like homesick, but instead of missing your home you miss your school.

You say: Preposterous!

But is it, really?

See the Dictionary.


Almost exactly a year ago, I had my diploma defense and the final exam. Three hundred and sixty-five days without school. Imagine that! The horror!

This schoolsickness drove me to complete several online courses, such as:

  • 8 courses of Become an Agile Project Management Learning Path on Linkedin
  • Learning JIRA Software (LinkedIn)
  • JIRA Software: Basic Administration (LinkedIn)
  • ASD.1x: Agile Software Development (edX)

I was reading books about brain and exercise, networking, negotiation, game feel, design… you name it.

I’ve been watching movies in German dabbing to help me memorize German words and phrases. I’ve even played Witcher 3 for 100 hours with German audio and English subs.

But it wasn’t enough to satisfy my hunger.

I wanted more. More school. More learning.

But how? And as you might guess, Digisemestr is the cure. Digisemestr is the answer.

So, what exactly is this Digisemestr?

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